The True Meaning Of Life While Absorbing Nature 's Grace Essay

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Waking up to discover the immense, pristine wilderness of Alaska, hearing nothing but the tranquilizing sound of Mother Nature. (incomplete sentence) Listening to the birds chirping their sounds while feeling the tremble of your heart beating through your veins. Trees as far as one can see. Rolling hills and in the reach peaks covered with ghostly snow. The sounds of streams growing larger until it rushes over a fall into an untainted lake. Moss growing silently on the trunks of trees while droplets of water fall from large leaves. Pondering the true meaning of life while absorbing nature’s grace. Only few can relate to this scene of the wild, one such man being Christopher John McCandless, a young pioneer and traveler. Chris was a young man with a prosperous future awaiting him. Graduating college with honors and suitable for Harvard Law School just as his parents had expected of him. He grew up in a home filled with nothing but high expectations, differences, and affluence. These circumstances set him apart from his parents. He was a Renaissance Man, a fundamentalist, a determined individual with the compassion for the wild and abhorrence to societal life. His tale is one of honor, self-respect/dignity, bravery (courage), and the infatuation for the wild. It is an inspiring story for those who do not fall into the continual, boring rhythm of life, but instead walk into the exploration of the soul and the love for true beauty. Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer explores the

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