The True Meaning Of Strength

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The True Meaning of Strength
The term strength goes beyond its literary word and physical manifestation, and the exploration into the realm of what defines someone as strong, leads to the emergence of three fundamental pillars that convolute together to define what strength is. These three pillars represent the: physical, mental and spiritual aspects of strength. Strength is often overlooked as simply pertaining to the first pillar, which defines a beings physical strength. However, to uncover the genuine essence of strength it is fundamental to search beyond what is flexed on the surface to reveal an intricately complex connotation to the word.
Too often strength is solely judged by its first pillar, while the rest are left to crumble away. However, if strength were to only be defined as physical then a chain of perceptual events would occur. Once strength is accepted widely as merely representing the brute force mustered by a being, it is then only praised and valued on that level. Consequently the defining word “physical” for strength, too often is associate with the word “masculine” as one of its defining characteristics, which transforms our idea of what strength is and makes it flat instead of three-dimensional. If strength is defined by masculinity, then gender is immediately implied, and society commences to praise men for being strong, and begins to teach young boys that the strength of their muscles is their defining quality, and not the strength of their…

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