The True Meaning of Marriage Essay

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The True Meaning of Marriage

When we think of marriage, the first thing that comes to mind is having a lasting relationship. Marriage is a commitment of two people to one another and to each other?s family, bonded by holy matrimony. When a couple plans to marry, they think of raising a family together, dedicating their life to each other. That?s the circle of life--our natural instinct to live and produce children and have those children demonstrate your own good morals. I have never been married; but I don?t understand why when two people get married and vow to be together for richer and poorer, better or worse, decide to just forget about that commitment. A marriage should be the most important decision a person makes in his or her
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We should really learn really well who the person is that we want to marry before we end up wanting to betray someone or vice versa.

Divorce affects the state of mind of those involved, whether consciously or sub-consciously. A couple seems better off working out their problems rather than getting a divorce in the long run. I also believe that this becomes like an addiction or a bad habit-- the person remarries over and over again. This seems more than just ?bad luck??it is a psychological problem. It results from the way they saw their own parents in their upbringing. So, the couple that is getting divorced puts their child in the situation to learn and adopt the same ?bad habit.? It is for the children that I have the most concern, above all. The family is the strongest force behind being a successful individual. A child must learn how to treat others by watching his/her parents, and if they see their parents ?giving up,? they will give up on their own relationships more easily.

I?m not saying single parenting will raise damaged children, but it is not the ideal situation to raise a child in. It?s not worth a child?s future for a husband and wife not to get along anymore. I want to just express my point that marriage should be ?death? til you part??regardless of how ?inconvienient? or ?difficult? for those involved it might be. If you loved someone enough to marry him/her, you must love them enough to try to

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