The True Meaning of Nursing Leadership Essay

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The True Meaning of Nursing Leadership By understanding the differences between the broad spectrums of leadership and the underlying styles that can be used to better facilitate the care setting; we can comprehend what nursing leadership truly is. Through the comparison of clinical and nursing leadership we can better distinguish what really makes up nursing leadership and the specific leadership styles that facilitate these types of leadership. Through personal accounts and research, these forms of leadership will be displayed and broken down and the importance for without it “there will be no order, only chaos” (Robertson, n.d.) To fully understand what nursing leadership is you first need to understand what it isn’t, and the…show more content…
By understanding what is considered to be a clinical leader, and recognising that they do exist, we are better able to fully comprehend what a nursing leader truly is. In comparison to from clinical leadership, nursing leadership is a more appointed position, usually given to someone like a nurse manager (NM), whose goal is to motivate staff in new and innovative ways to better the care of patients. This position usually leaves the NM slightly removed from patient care, as they sort through problems on their floor and direct the nurses under their guidance; leaving only a portion of their time to be dedicated to working with patients. Recently it has also been found, that the majority of nursing education that is centered on leadership is focused on the political, academic, and management areas (Stanley & Sherratt, 2010). This focus has then been gearing towards the production of leadership within higher up positions and appointed placements of management. As a nursing leader it is your job to open the door of communication between you, your colleagues, and themselves, so that they might be able to generate new modes of care and boost morale. The role of a nurse leader is to guide and maintain a competent and productive floor, and positively motivate colleagues through goals. Though both of these broad spectrums of leadership, we are then better able to pin-point leadership styles that work within
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