The True Meaning of a Scholarship

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The True Meaning to a Scholarship
A recent poll that was taken has shown that ninety-five percent of people think that student-athletes should attend class and focus more on their studies than on their training (Amore C.2). When you are a student-athlete you have two responsibilities: to attend class and practice while keeping a good balance of your money. Scholarships are what help you. These scholarships are usually used for four years where you are paid a certain amount of money at the beginning of each month. When receiving a scholarship you use it to expand your knowledge, prepare for your future, and earn your degree for what you want to do.
Earning a scholarship is always something kids dream of receiving someday. This scholarship will give you the chance to attend college and receive a free education, while also participating in a sport. Scholarships began in 1957 and have been taken advantage of over the years in some cases (Heath 9). Many student-athletes will tend to think that when they receive a scholarship they’re receiving it just to focus on training, but that is the exact opposite of what that scholarship is supposed to be doing for them. When athletes are given a scholarship they are promised a real education (Ehrlich A.25). You do usually receive a scholarship to play a sport, but that scholarship is not paying for your training, it is paying for your education that you will be getting. A lot of student-athletes are not seeing that point today and need

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