The True Nature Of Human Nature In Mark Twain And The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

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The true nature of human action remains as an enigma for many and it is question whose answer is everywhere in the civilization that we have all collectively built. The author Jane Austen in persuasion believes that each person is self serving and kind when it 's in their best interest. Contrary to Austens’ belief, Mark Twain with“The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” shows a more optimistic view of human nature where the guilt and sense of sympathy are the driving emotions behind every action. Similarly, in the novel A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith identifies the empathy and duty as a primary cause for the kindness in each person. Every person is hardwired to be a social and inherently good person driven by the emotional consequences and…show more content…
The same could be applied possible fatal situations of danger.Huckleberry Finn was an abused child who was never treated well by the townspeople but when he heard Injun Joe want to “slit [Widow Douglas’] nostrils and notch her ears like a sow” Huck “felt silence… more awful than any amount of murderous talk” and precariously ran and reported it to Welshman. Huckleberry Finn saw that he was in the presence of a criminal act and a possible homicide taking place and he could have hid away and made sure that he was not found by the perpetrators and that they will not come to take revenge in him upon learning his involvement in their incarcerations. In light of all the dangers that his actions would bring him he suppresses such thoughts and insteads thinks about the well being of a person who he did not owe anything or know very well. Consequently, his natural instinct made him run toward that Welshman to report the crime while aware that his stumbles may tip them of his presence and may lead to his death. Poverty is and has been an issue for the majority of human history but that lack of resource and struggle to live where one could even be excused for being selfish is where miracles of humanitarianism and empathy for each others pain is shown. The loss of a family member especially the largest wage earner leads to potential starvation and a sense of hopelessness. In the case of Francie Nolan and her brother Neeley, a close friend of their

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