The True Nature Of Shakespeare's Characters In Othello

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The True Nature of William Shakespeare’s Characters in “Othello” Ever since it’s creation over four centuries ago, William Shakespeare’s classic tragedy “Othello”, has reigned as one of the greatest play’s of all time. Being widely studied and analyzed, there should be no question as to why this piece has remained so relevant, even within the twisting and turbulent times of the 20th century and beyond. With copious amounts of today’s youth becoming caught and obsessed with the virtual life of social media, it is no wonder Shakespeare’s ideals about reality and appearance have remained so vivd and fresh within today’s modern readers. But, with appearance comes a cost, even within the virtual world, it is always evident that the truth can…show more content…
During the course of the play Othello, the reader delves deep into the history and social setting of Venice. After some time passes, the reader can see that a young and lovely girl by the name of Desdemona, falls deeply and madly in love with the moor, and general of the Venetian army, Othello. From this we can begin to dissect the nature of Desdemona’s love and how it portrays the true nature of her character as a woman and wife. It is often argued by many that Desdemona is not truly in love with Othello. It is clear that this was intended to be perceived by Shakespeare, as he even shows her father, Brabantio, pleading to the courts men of Venice, stating that surely she must be “corrupted by spells, and medicines, bought of mountebanks” (Shakespeare, I. iii. 75-9.), as he could not believe that this love might have blossomed naturally from the passion and respect found in her heart. Many critics also adore the idea that she is simply a young brainless girl that does not see the consequence of her actions as related to the loving and marrying of Othello. This angle of the argument, which shows Desdemona as a foolish girl who is not capable of making her own decisions, is very common with some of Shakespeare’s other masterpieces, most notably in Romeo and Juliet. If one chooses to argue her love for Othello from this angle, they may run into many road blocks. As the play
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