The True Success Behind Ms. Marvel

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In less than a year, that has lasted on shelves, after releasing the new series of Ms. Marvel in 2014 it turned out to be a successful hit. Kamala Khan may be a Muslim but she 's still just like any other ordinary teenage girl who lives in Jersey and faces the same problems: lives with strict parents, has that one friend who has a secret crush but is never noticed, a small group of friends, and the desire to be able to fit in with the “popular” kids at school. This story isn’t just about how any other every day person became to become zero to hero. The true success behind Ms. Marvel is because it 's something different Marvel Comics brings to the readers they don 't usually see comparing to previous superheros. They didn’t only bring an urban legend back .. Even before Kamala came along there were superheros that existed that are Muslim as well. The 99 were a team of superheroes that were all Muslims, which had a crossover once with the Justice League. Another is member of the X - Men, Dust is her name having the ability to transform herself into a sandstorm. However Kamala is the very first Muslim superhero to have her very own comic, which makes Ms. Marvel special to the readers. When they first introduce Kamala in the beginning of the first issue she’s at home, sitting in her room creating Avengers fan - fiction on her computer. This shows that she doesn 't only lives but also adore and admires of a world filled with evil and crime and justice always prevails at the

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