The True Tale Of The Goddess

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W hat may be portrayed as the truth concerning history persists scores of times as only the viewpoint of whomever happened to be telling the story. Consequently, traditionally what sometimes appears accurate often occurs peppered with an array of delusional fantasies. Particularly, the perception of the “great goddess” and her supposed noble status. For this great status essentially appears ‘dreamed up’ during the Victorian era when the men of the nineteenth century decided to rewrite early history with the new disciplines of anthropology and archeology as guides. Moreover, focusing on a flattering view of female imaging by attuning their polytheistic religions to agree with their own intellectual fallacies and desires; just as our…show more content…
Remarkably, these deities had full command of the public by conjuring-up ongoing erroneous beliefs and superstitions affecting people’s way of life that generated an all-encompassing ownership of sexual enticement.
This central association symbolized this sexual charisma and inherited ‘religion of lust’ that emerged momentous. Purposely, women and girls were strongly conditioned to worship these female deities in ways crucially bound-up with their sense of themselves and their community roles as sexual and reproductive beings. Furthermore, this religious, ‘goddess practice’ remained entrenched in tradition that triumphed customarily protected by local laws, propagated by the local priests and other followers. Essentially, due to this long primordial sexual programming within the social domain of females, this consciousness grew into a massive spirit of lust and religion into itself. One predominantly championed spirit of lust that excelled in this area over sexuality succeeded as one of the ‘Twelve Olympians’ (the Greek gods of the pantheon); which existed as Aphrodite, the queen over sexuality.

“To experience sexual desire, pleasure or intercourse, was to be in a state of Aphrodite, to become infused by the goddess. For sexual arousal and activity were the works [erga] of Aphrodite.” The fact persisted, to renounce the “golden Aphrodite” and her delights, was to renounce all sexual pleasure.

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