The True Value Of College Athletes. College Student-Athletes

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The True Value of College Athletes College student-athletes have some of the most time consumed schedules of any college student. In regards to time commitment with their athletic team, that can be a full time job in itself. Not to mention the academic commitment that should come before athletic in the first place. Because college student-athletes bring so much to the table in their commitments, there has been an increased discussion on if college athletes should be paid. With increasing controversy of the topic, college athletes should ultimately be paid because they are the cause for high revenue streams of colleges, it would limit illegal or under the table payments, and because they make significant sacrifices that deserve…show more content…
Johnson and Acquaviva make the point that between weight training sessions, film room, practice, individual workouts, travel, and finally competition, these “student-athletes” cannot feel much like students.” (Brill 7) This further validates the point that college athletes should be paid if they are spending so much time on athletics, and helping the school earn money along the way. If college athletes were paid, it would motivate them competitively as well because the revenue the program brings in is partially based off performance for signing TV deals and getting bids to postseason games that earn more money for the school. The more successful a team is, the more money they will be able to negotiate for in TV deals and the more likely they get bids to play in post season games to generate extra revenue. Universities also make a fortune off of selling Since the players are the source for this revenue by playing in these games, they would be even more competitively driven to perform their very best because as a result they would get paid more money and generate more money for the school at the same time. A win-win scenario for both the student athletes and their respective universities. Many of these college student-athletes come from low income homes as well. The argument could be made that if the university is able to help these athletes families with a form of pay without making significant sacrifice, then they

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