The True Value Of Face-To-Face Communication : Texting And The Use Of Social Media

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We are living in a period demanding us to frequent use of social media, especially texting, when we have to communicate with each other. As the society is getting developed more and more, the more social media occupy our daily lives incomparably than the previous generations. Nowadays, it is hard to find someone who don’t have their own smartphone or any other personal devices, and their own small devices allow them to live much more convenient than those who don't have theirs. Because most of our daily work is connected to the social media, including conversation, it keeps disconnecting people's face-to-face conversation. As a result, people's preference for communicating via texting or email is making the result of an absent of face-to-face conversation. Even though there are many valuable things we can acquire only from face-to-face talk, it is a real circumstance that people do not aware its importances. It becomes pretty natural for the present generation that, even prior generations, using our own smartphone in order to fulfill our convenience and to adapt the requirement of many working places seems the best way to be a member of current society. For those reasons, however, the true value of face-to-face conversation is getting vanished.

According to the book "Reclaiming Conversation" by Sherry Turkle, she points the problems we are facing has caused by frequent use of social media and the lack of face-to-face conversation and how it affects on our relationship,
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