The Truman Report And The American Community College

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The Truman Report and the American Community College Introduction The President’s Commission on Higher Education was formed with the basis of exploring the purpose and the need for Higher Education and the role it played in society. During 1947 there were many issues affecting not just Higher Education but the nation as a whole. Foreign policy was in disarray, the threat of a Cold War with the Soviet Union and issues such as the post effects of World War II and Civil Rights had a huge impact on the home front. According to Wolfe (1994), there was a growing need of Americans that wanted to be educated; however the country was not equipped with the tools that were necessary to provide these sources. The report highlighted several key areas that would be the catalyst for Community Colleges, Societal Issues, the Role of Community Colleges, and the future of American. Response to Higher Education Societal Issues The increase in enrollment in high schools resulted in more individuals making the decision to further their education. As a result of the increase in attendance, the commission found that the amount of students attending school did not match with the current needs. This could be attributed to factors such economic backgrounds, individual student finances, and the amount of money that was invested in higher education, as a result, the commission revealed that there was a lack of funding that was invested towards education. In addition to the lack of funding and the
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