The Truman Show Analysis

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Destiny, also known as fate, is said to control the outcome of one's life. However, does destiny really determine what occurs in people’s lives on a daily basis or is it just a made up word to be used as an excuse when things don’t go as planned? The Truman Show is a 1998 film directed by Peter Weir that shows us that the decisions we make define our destiny rather than our destiny defining our decisions. Without knowing, Truman Burbank has been the star of a reality tv show since birth. Having no control of the events that happen in his life, Truman decides to get out of the town that seems to keep him hostage. Truman could have decided to let Christof, the creator of his world, keep him in Seahaven for the rest of his life, but Truman decided he wanted to live a life he created on his own. The idea that we control our own destiny and the outcome of our lives is shown throughout metafictional techniques such as a story within a story, a character aware he is a character and dramatic irony. First of all, the use of a story within a story in a metafictional film shows the audience that one’s curiosity of the world can overcome and change any decision if driven to explore. For example, as Truman matures, he begins to question the world and the explanation he receives every time an unexpected event happens. Truman is enraged when he starts to find out that he is living in some world that won't allow him to get out and live his childhood dream of exploring. For instance,

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