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'The Truman Show' is the story of a baby who is bought by a television company at birth. He becomes the star of the television programme, but he has no idea that his life is being filmed. All the people in his life, such as his wife, best friend, and colleagues are actors. There are no set scripts. There are three different worlds shown in the film: Truman's world, the producer's world, and the real world when we see the viewers watching the programme in the homes. The film starts when Truman is twenty-nine. We see him begin to become suspicious, by odd occurrences, such as a light falling from the sky, the way his friends and family advertise things, and people that accidentally get on the…show more content…
With the introduction to 'reality TV' programmes such as Big Brother and Survivor, The Truman show gives us an idea of how these programmes can maybe affect people as they did Truman. Also, Peter Weir might have been showing us how far television companies will go in the not-so-distant future to increase audience share. It shows how important making money is in the modern world in the way that a person's life is being exploited all for a television programme to be successful. Subtly, I think that he was showing us how people nowadays are controlled by the Government and in different institutions without really realising it, as Truman didn't realise how much his life was controlled. The invasion of privacy could also be something Peter Weir tried to show us. There are so many CCTV cameras everywhere nowadays, it's almost as if we can't do much without being caught on camera. We don't really notice or think about it though, except if we were planning a bank robbery, so it is almost as we don't realise they're there. The director could've been showing us that humans aren't all that clever, and they can easily be controlled. I think Truman is seen as a very vulnerable character, almost like a child. The director could be making connections between adults and children; he could be trying to show the message that adults aren't superior, because

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