The Truman Show: Satirical Commentary Directed By Peter Weir

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The Truman Show is a satirical commentary directed by Peter Weir. It tells of the media's impact on our lives and how it has become a part of everyday life. The show is a continuous stream of Truman Burbank’s existence in a world that is entirely false, Truman is oblivious to the fact that his entire life is dictated by Christof, the creator of the show. He is unaware of the fact that all the people in his life that he has grown to love and care for are actors and that all the significant events in his life were scripted and staged. The opening scene where the actors are being interviewed, the scene where Truman sees backstage of The Truman Show and the very last scene where Truman crashes into the set are the most important scenes to make…show more content…
There are several strange happenings before this scene, however, this is the one when he becomes insistent on discovering what is happening and determining why the world seems to revolve around him. Truman is wearing a brown suit in contrast to everyone else in the foyer who are wearing grey suits. Majority of the camera shots that are used in this scene are medium shots. The shot where Truman is in the town square the town square, the camera is situated at Truman’s eye level but pans in order to follow Truman running inside and outside buildings in desperation. This further reminds the viewers that every camera is hidden, the next shot as Truman is walking into the building is also a medium shot, Truman is trying to look normal and avoid being noticed even though his every move is being watched. The moment that Truman makes his way to the elevator uses a wide, establishing shot from a high angle to allow the viewer to absorb everything that is happening. When Truman finally sees backstage, his facial expressions are focused on using close up, this shows a very intimate moment for Truman and makes the viewers feel compassion for Truman. When the guards remove Truman from the building, a low angle shot is used which makes the guards feel superior to Truman and further shows his confusion about the events. Props are important to the scene to make it…show more content…
The use of camera angle, lighting and production design in certain scenes such as the first and last scenes and the scene where Truman uncovers the truth about his life are essential to making the audience feel sympathetic towards Truman’s situation and also connected to him in a way. The viewer desperately wants Truman to awaken to the fact that the world Truman is living in is entirely false and find a way out of his prison. Weir’s use of cinematic techniques are essential to making the viewers feel compassion and empathy towards Truman
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