The Truth About Me Annotated Bibliography

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Interviews and Articles on the Primary Text
The articles “Voicing the Feminine Within: A Journey through the Life Narrative of A. Revathi”, Writing a Life Between Gender Lines: Conversations with A.Revathi about her autobiography The Truth About Me: A Hijra Life Story”, Gender Geometry: A Study of A. Revathi’s autobiography The Truth About Me: A Hijra Life Story and the interview Voice of Visibility by NithinMayanth are the only works directly based on Revathi’s autobiography The Truth About Me: A Hijra Life Story, the primary text of this research.
The researcher intends to show how Revathi’s work can be seen as powerful tool in questioning the societal prejudice against the hijra community. Adhering to this idea articles by GayathriPrabhu, Divya and NithinMayanthmake a point on how Transgender autobiography is a powerful tool in the liberation of the hiijra community. They also argue that writing is a powerful tool in breaking the social prejudice regarding the transgenders.
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He also presents an argument on how language with its binary system of using pronouns and clothes being a cultural marker are influenced by Gender norms imposed by the patriarchy. The mere presence of the transgender community threatens the power of patriarchy. All these arguments are backed with reference to Revathi’s autobiography. The arguments made in this article are based on the theories in Transgender Studies Reader edited by Susan Stryker and Stephen Whittle .This concept of transgender occupying a powerful space is adopted by the researcher. Using Revathy’s autobiography the research tries to bring the fact that hijras do have the right to live in the society. It also shows how hijras are capable of more than just begging and sex
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