Essay about The Truth About Religion

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The Truth About Religion

So what do you think religion is? Well to some of you it's getting dragged out of bed early on Sunday morning, and being forced by your parents to go to church. just to listen to sermons about Jesus and god!!

Or maybe you think of it as getting presents at Christmas and Easter from relatives you love, but from some you barely know and haven't seen for years.

But is this all religion is about? Well no, and whichever way you choose to view religion, it is a large part of many peoples lives, and an important part of society.

Whether you follow Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, or any other religion, they all bind people into communities with common goals and
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Hindus believe that the universe was created by the god Brahma, and that he recreates it anew with each world cycle. This in itself cannot be true because there is much scientific evidence proving otherwise. But despite all this Hindus live relatively peaceful and contented lives. They have answers for any events that happen and because of their belief in reincarnation do not fear death.

Another religion which teaches the belief of reincarnation, and lets its followers live content lives is Buddhism. However it is very different from other religions in the way that it has no gods or goddesses to worship. Instead they follow the teachings of Buddha in hope of achieving enlightenment and entering Nirvana.

Buddhism teaches that the 'Eightfold path' must be followed to live life correctly, and it teaches how to achieve it. Because this religion shows its followers how to live life in a way that will give them good physical and mental health, many people have converted to Buddhism, in a hope to overcome the stress and suffering of daily life.

Then there is Judaism and Christianity which are two very closely related faiths, with Judaism being the oldest of the two. They both teach belief in one single, all powerful, all knowing god, and both have books from the Bible as their religious texts.

Judaism is based on
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