The Truth About Sex Trafficking Essay

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The Truth About Sex Trafficking Human sex trafficking is and has been a big concern around the world. It has been around since before Christopher Columbus discovered America. Whether sexual, domestic, or labor, the terror and horror that human trafficking victims have endured defies the scope of our sensitivities. To realize that that this may be happening in our own towns and neighborhoods, invisible to us as we go about our daily comfortable lives, is unthinkable. Since Congress first acted on this issue in 1999, the federal government has supplied more than 150 million dollars to fight human trafficking in the United States alone. However, the most recent data suggests that there are tens of thousands of victims that were not originally cited. While no one would argue that any victim in the United States is worth the support of our various systems, the danger of loss of credibility for those persons rises when there is a substantial gap between the cited numbers of cases and those that have be exposed. Since the mid 1990’s the Unites States has played a leading role in putting sex trafficking in person on the global community’s radar and in addressing trafficking in the United States. However, prior to 2000 there was no comprehensive Federal Law that protected victims of trafficking or to enable prosecution of their traffickers. The passage of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000(TVPA) made human trafficking a Federal Crime and was enacted to assist

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