The Truth About Trophy Hunting : Ethnography

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The Truth about Trophy Hunting: Ethnography
Since the European colonization of eastern Africa, trophy hunting has been a highly debatable topic. During the early days of trophy hunting, dwindling numbers of some of the world’s most unique and prized wildlife was not a problem like it is today. Wildlife conservationists and hunters continue to debate the merits of legalized hunting on the economy and on the environment. However, not all hunters value the economic benefits and have passion for the outdoors. In fact, some of these hunters are conservationists themselves, who believe that it will allow for better conservation efforts in the long run. In another perspective, trophy hunters tend to downplay the reality of the killing part. To kill is to put to death, extinguish, nullify, cancel, or destroy. There is a fine line between conservation, and senseless killing of animals involved in trophy hunting.
The idea that killing an animal without a purpose to eat the meat it provides seems wasteful and unethical to a large amount of the public. In this essay I will be magnifying the actuality of trophy hunting in a lens that will describe the structure of trophy hunting and why it is practiced, but most importantly why it is important for the rest of the world to be aware of it. If we erase the misconceptions and the chaotic bias on both sides, will there be a solution? At this pace, America just like in many other instances of tragedy that have happened throughout world

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