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At first glance a story of the Bible may appear to be just that, a simple story; however, when one does more than simply read the story, there are a plethora of underlying meanings to be found. Reading the Bible in search of its meanings can sometimes be confusing, which results in several different interpretations and raises many arguments amongst the readers. When reading the Bible, “it is necessary to apply tools of critical reading to find out what God wants to communicate with us,” (Smith-Christopher, 28). In order to figure out what God wants to communicate, one must use hermeneutics, the science of interpretation. Hermeneutics helps to steer the Bible’s readers in the correct direction by presenting methods that serve to assist …show more content…
This quote explains that through revelation, God revealing himself to human beings, God provided inspiration, the process of being mentally stimulated to do something creative, for the authors of the Bible to write their stories. This concept is supported in the Old Testament textbook: “God inspired the human authors of the Bible. The human authors had the freedom to choose the words they wrote, and also the discretion of the stories and the incidences that they would include in their texts,” (Smith-Christopher 57). By following these components of hermeneutics one can hope to obtain some theological truth out of the stories in the Bible.
Exodus is the story of Moses going into Egypt and asking the Pharaoh to let the Israelites (God’s people) go; however, as God expected the Pharaoh does not give in right away which causes God to bring forth the plagues. Exodus Chapter 8 tells the story of three of the ten plagues cast upon the Pharaoh and the Egyptians in an effort to force the Pharaoh to let God’s people be free from the Pharaoh. Moses is told by God to tell Aaron to stretch out his hands and staff over the streams, canals, and pools which brings the frogs to the land of Egypt. Eventually Moses convinces God to stop, but the frogs died in the land and left behind a stench so the Pharaoh refused to talk with them. Aaron then strikes the ground with his staff, as God told Moses, and gnats swarm the land of Egypt and when the Magicians failed to

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