The Truth Behind Jfk 's Assassination

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Few historical events are as hotly debated as the assassination of president John F Kennedy on November 22nd,, 1963. Many argue that we will never know the complete truth of what happened that day, and to an extent that is true. Peter Ling, author of the article “Killing Kennedy” argues that because of the ill performed and confused investigation of the assassination, too many details have been lost for us to ever find out the entire truth about the events that took place that day. There are others who believe that the evidence we already have is sufficient, even if some was muddled and lost. Someone who thinks along these lines is Max Holland, author of the article “The Truth Behind JFK’s Assassination”. He argues that even though the details are a little blurred, we know all that we need to know in order to understand what happened. I feel as though there is credence in both arguments, we should always strive to completely understand the events that happen around us, but it is not always necessary to know about every single little detail.
In his article Peter Ling argues that there were so many blunders caused by police and other investigators that it became impossible to learn the actual truth. He believes that this is the reason that there are so many conspiracies and other theories that surround JFK’s death. He believes that even though we have a basic understanding of what happened, there is still much that we do not know.
Matt Holland wrote also about the Kennedy…
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