The Truth Behind Life After Death

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Since the beginning of time, people have had many different interpretations of the afterlife, and if such thing even exist. Many religions, philosophies, and individuals have asked themselves what is the afterlife. Is there a Heaven or a Hell? Will our soul be free to wander once we die? Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife gives Sciences’ take on the afterlife and the experiments it has condoned to find the truth behind life after death. The existence of an afterlife is something that is very difficult if not impossible to prove. The only true way to know is to find out for yourself, but is it worth your one life to find the answer. Throughout history people have created many solutions to this unknown part of life and every answer is so…show more content…
One main difference between these kinds of people is where they place their beliefs, on facts or faith. Many people either put all their believe in faith in supernatural or the opposite, faith on cold hard facts. There is no correct answer to which side you should choose as it is your life to live. But giving facts rather than saying everything was created by something no one has or will ever see is more understanding to the average person. Mary Roach takes a look into the afterlife from a scientific point of view, basing the evidence off the facts it has constructed. “Flawed as it is, science remains the most solid god I’ve got. And so I decided to turn to it, to see what it had to say on the topic of life after death. Because I know what religion says, and it perplexes me…. Religion says that your soul goes to heaven or possibly to a seven-tiered garden, or that your soul is reincarnated into a new body, or that you lie around in your coffin clothes until the Second Coming. And, of course, only one of those can be true. Which means that for millions of people, religion will turn out to have been a bum steer as regards the hereafter. Science seemed the better bet.” (Roach) Her take on the afterlife makes it a lot easier for a majority of people to understand and accept the ideals that have been presented. But while also presenting reasonable evidence she gives the reader a person which they can trust and feel more comfortable with. She
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