The Truth Behind Political Thought

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The truth behind political thought is founded primarily based on the rules of the law.Western European image of justice and order demonstrates the importance of natural equality that the rule of law adheres to. Thus creates this inconsistency ,that civil disobedience is not justified because of society 's accentuation on law and order. The understanding of law and civil disobedience illustrates itself in both readings of Sophocles ' Antigone and Plato 's Apology which suggests that they give both similar views with the existing idea of different higher authority in mind. Because of the unresolved feud between the law and civil disobedience it is prevailed effectively in Sophocles ' tragic drama Antigone and Plato 's Apology . Antigone personifies that the will to obey the law is not just for her country but that of her immense amount of love to her family and the Gods.While in contrast , Socrates personifies a synopsis of the two important notions, based on the idea of a higher authority, which is demonstrated in his defense before the Athenian court in Plato 's Apology. They both prevail the idea of adhering to higher authority but there standpoints on the issue differs. Despite Antigone and Socrates both revere willingness to obey law , even if it results in death, Antigone feels that divine law supersedes state law while Socrates believes that both must be obeyed, for whatever it is they stand for.
Antigone believes that her unwritten natural law succeeds the likes of
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