The Truth Behind The War

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“The Truth Behind the War” As I am reading The Things They Carried by author Tim O’Brien my heart becomes very heavy. The physical and emotional heaviness for the people who dedicate their lives for their country weighed on me. The war has always been a difficult understanding for me, in the sense of why do we need to prepare for war. I began to question if things could be handled differently in our society today. Pictures of what they go through on a daily bases filled my mind; killing people, watching soldiers get killed, missing their families back home, wondering if this will be their last moment, then returning to a world they do not realize anymore. How do you honestly heal from all of the moments? Tim O’Brien gave me and other readers the opportunity to know what the war is really like from the prospective of different fighters. Generally speaking, the thought of the war can be unrealistic, however, the reality of it still remains present. As I am reading the story, I thought about different friends, family and peers who have fought in the war or are becoming active fighters soon. The process is hard to watch, just with them training for upcoming battles, they come out as lost souls. Everything they once knew are different and it becomes challenging on how do you deal it. I was reminded of a saying a close friend of mines always says, “Latrice until you’ve joined the military you’ll never understand our daily fight and struggles just to stay sane.” I did not
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