The Truth Behind True Equality Within Our Own Country

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There are a diverse amount of issues today, many of which pertain to forgiveness. Several are related to problems among self identity and human relationships. Halberstam, the scholar who wrote “Imagined Violence”, used his work to explain possible productive places for marginalized groups. He did this by mentioning social change through fear, humanization and education for privileged groups. He went deeper into societies core to show the horrid truth behind true equality within our own country. To him, anyone, besides white males, are treated differently, which in a way could be true. Halberstam puts a clever spin on violence and how, even events back then happen frequently now. They all relate to race, gender and sexual orientation. Although it is proven that white families have higher income than other races, that is because the white population had a head start financially. Gender wise, men make more money than women, but men have had jobs for a longer period of time, and feminism is now becoming popular. Lastly, within the past decade considering yourself as a different sexual orientation was unacceptable. Recently, society is beginning to accept these sexual preferences. Society has started to redeem itself by reflecting on its’ issues to create social change. “Imagined violences create a potentiality, a utopian state in which consequences are imminent rather than actual, the threat is in the anticipation not the act... imagined violences challenge powerful white

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