The Truth Behind the Access to a Health Insurance and Health Care

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The truth behind the access to a health insurance and health care Mary Ramirez Gonza The truth behind the access to a health insurance and health care Summary of a personal experience Access to health services is often related to having a health insurance. In most of cases both terms go hand in hand, however, this does not always happen in that way. Five years ago, my mother suffered a myocardial infarction. It was an unexpected situation for my family, especially for me. My mother was only 54 years, and the doctors did not ensure her survival. Several weeks after my mother miraculously recovered, the cardiologist who treated her recommended the realization of a catheterization to place a stent in the affected artery. My mother…show more content…
According to Teitelbaum, & Wilensky, 2013: “ CBO projects that by 2019, 24 million individuals will purchase their own health insurance through an exchange and another 5 million individuals with access to employer-sponsored insurance will pick an exchange option” (p.171). Proposed reforms for small businesses, have been ways to prevent abuse within the company (US department of health and human services, 2015). Moreover, these reforms prevent that the insurance companies deny health coverage to people with pre-existing conditions (US department of health and human services, 2015). The extension of health insurance for the benefit of people without it is a real issue in the country. The fundamental purpose of the ACA is to provide access to health care to all; this implies that people who are uninsured are the priority. Despite the discrepancies between different sectors of the country in terms of in the short and long-term costs if the extension will be establish, I think that the government should make further reforms to ACA as well as the management and distribution of funds belonging to Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP because the number of uninsured is outrageous. Unanticipated consequences of increasing health access The increase in access to health services is the goal that any health system must conquer. However, given the specific situation of the US health care system, this increase in access could bring some negative
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