The Truth : Ethics, Arithmetic, And Synthetics Of Life

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The truth, something that has been searched for since the beginning of time. Throughout history, man has been on a mission to discover the truth. To discover something that can bring greater value to our lives and reform the way we experience the world. It is through our quest for validity and authenticity that we find ourselves straying onto what we consider the opposite of truth, fiction. A place where anything is possible and everything is somewhat unexplainable. However as we examine fiction, we can’t help but realize that the emotional truth which becomes possible through fiction is not possible without facts. It is through analyzing parts of fiction that we are able gain access to truths that relate to the ethics, arithmetic, and synthetics of life.
The first type of truth, ethics, is somewhat unusual because it isn 't at all clear that such a thing even exists. It is certain that many people believe in the actuality of ethical truths. At the very least, even if ethical truths exist, it isn 't at all clear how we can come to know them with any degree of certainty. In Section 2 of the memoir of “Lolita in Tehran” by Azar Nafisi the book “The great Gatsby” written by Scott Fitzgerald is mentioned. Throughout this section, the reader is exposed to a varied range of themes relating to each other. One of the primary themes that recur within the pages is of dreams and its relationship with reality. The protagonist Jay Gatsby of “The Great Gatsby” fantasizes of getting

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