The Truth Initiative : Digital Media And Society

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The Truth Initiative CMST301: Digital Media and Society By: Laudy Oliveros 6/19/2016 Introduction Smoking is something very common in today’s society. The majority of people had acquired the habit of smoking from relatives, close friends, or just to fit in with the group. We can see it in our work place, household, or community now even more often. Moreover, peer pressure and the need of trying something new usually attracts people to start smoking or just try it to be “cool.” As an example, in military warships chewing tobacco and cigarettes are regularly tools used to keep low stress levels, which many times can lead to bringing more people such as young adults and teenagers to follow the habit. In April 1 1970, president Richard Nixon signed a legislation which officially banned cigarettes advertisements on television and radio starting a new period of tobacco free incentives. (, 2009) However, other organizations were created raising campaigns against the consuming of tobacco and advertising good behaviors. The Truth Initiative is a new campaign that focuses on educating people about the truth of smoking and the bad consequences that bring this habit. The campaign’s primary goal is to encourage society to stop the habit of smoking, moreover among youth and the practice of doing it around innocent ones such as kids and animals. I observed the organization is using animals to create consciousness on the issue such as including the picture of a dog

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