The Truth On Mass Media

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The Truth on Mass Media Mass media affects large numbers of people within a society daily. Such as television, movies, internet, radios, newspapers, magazines and the list seriously goes on. In my perspective this topic is incredibly important because mass media is a source in which many different types of technologies are meant to reach large audiences through communications. It also plays a strong role in society and culture because it is the main channel in which people communicate with each other shaping opinions, beliefs, values, and attitudes. In my response to that; Are women or men more affected by mass media and in what way? Furthermore, I will utilize the functionalist theoretical approach because it portrays how the media can be positive, but can also bring negative effects within gender stereotypes.
In general, many people organize their own thoughts on what they usually do in the society by organizing information they tend to collect in what they acknowledge in their everyday lives. A study made by three people named Ronaldo, Taddeo, and Beccaria is called “New media and old stereotypes. Images and discourses about drunk women and men on YouTube,” portrays how females who drink alcohol have always been judged more than men do due to the media. “Female drinking is mainly the interpreted as a sign of sexual willingness, and is strongly stigmatised. In most cases, moreover women themselves actively contributed to creating the sexual meaning both as video
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