The Truth Project: The Search of Truth

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Why do we believe what we believe? This question is rarely asked of anyone directly. We live in a culture where the “why” is superseded by the “what”. “What do you believe?” has always been a popular topic for discussion. However, when a believer is no longer faced with the ‘what’ and instead challenged by a ‘why,’ lines begin to blur and minds start to blank. What can we possibly offer in response and from where can we derive our answers? Isaiah 6 gives us the solution: we must gaze into the face of God. This journey of seeking His face exposes us, exposes our culture, and turns us into world changers. This quest is only for those brave enough to explore the wondrous depths and layers of the Most High. It is the search for truth-- the…show more content…
With this in debate, there is a constant battle between the particulars and the universals. Without a grasp on the ethical treatment of mankind, the concept of particulars is swallowed by the massiveness of the universals. In a world where empty philosophies have taken captive our thought patterns, the Believer must try to remember to think in terms of who God is. He did not just write out a set of rules He expected the world to live by. Everything He asks of us is a reflection of His nature. Tour Three: Anthropology Man has willingly allowed himself to be led into believing the ideas that the world has to sell. Equality for all creatures has demoralized the nations. What is a man that he should be more significant than an insect? “If mankind has no purpose for existence, why should I care about anyone else? I am going to look after number one.” We have been deceived into having faith in a pernicious lie. Our needs and desires are greater than anyone else’s. When we embrace that way of thinking, we are deeming ourselves as “good.” The problem with this ideology is that every man has his own views on right and wrong, good and bad. The only way to justly decode these opposites is by weighing them in comparison to who God is. We must counteract a pernicious lie with unshakeable truth. Tour Four: Theology Who is God? Who is the jealous God,
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