Essay on The Truth about Prostitution

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The Truth about Prostitution Prostitution is a major problem in the United States today. The way we treat these victims as criminals is simply unacceptable. Found in “Business Insider” a study of San Francisco prostitutes showed that as many as 68% of them have been raped and an astounding 82% had been assaulted. Also found on Business insider is a study conducted on the prostitutes in Colorado Springs which showed that prostitutes are 18X more likely to end up murder victims than those who do not prostitute. So the question remains, what are we going to do about it? Legalizing Prostitution would not only protect these women and give them the chance to seek safety and justice, but would also boost the economy and reduce the spread of…show more content…
Keeping prostitution illegal is not only hurting our economy and giving power to the wrong people, but it is also hurting million. Spreading disease and having to stay hidden, ashamed of the life they have lead, these women and men are searching for a way out and for protection. Legal prostitution is safe with laws and regulations to protect everyone involved. There will be STD testing regularly, and birth control is always used. The Johns’ identities are kept discrete but also in legal papers. There would be contracts and licenses; it would be an everyday business down the street. Most brothels will be owned by families not corporations; this allows them to directly benefit the public. Legalizing prostitution wouldn’t just be a small income, according to Dennis Hof (the owner of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada) the American prostitution industry is said to be about an $18 billion dollar business, none of which goes into taxes or federal coffers. Hof also explained his plan which he said would gross almost $2 billion in licensing fees and another $6 billion dollars in federal income tax. Not only can legalizing prostitution create this kind of cash flow to help build the economy, but also offers millions of new job opportunities for the whole country. We would also save money, like the money we spend on the courts and police force to convict these “criminals.” Legalizing prostitution would boost the economy and
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