The Truth behind Aging: The Facts from the Fiction

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The Truth behind Aging: The Facts from the Fiction The elderly population is growing rapidly and now makes up greater than thirteen percent of the United States population. (APA, 1994). With such a record growth, there are different aspects to aging that are still being analyzed. Many may think of reaching late life as a rite of passage, but many face this time with a different view. Through the movie "UP', we are granted an opportunity into view the struggles of an elderly widowed man by the name of Mr. Fredrickson and the challenges in which he faces in his later life. The movie, takes one on a journey through his sorrows and his triumphs until he realizes what the true meaning of happiness is. Through the journey, one must consider many aging factors and decide if these are true generalizations of aging or are myths of aging propagated by the movie. Specifically, the myths that will be examined in this paper are: 1) Are there life experiences that contribute to depression in the elderly population? 2) How do vision and hearing impairments affect an older adult's overall mental status? And finally, 3) is there any relation between having a physical mobility deficits and depression? Through this examination of my propagated in "UP", the reader will gain better insight into what are true generalizations vs. myths about the elderly. Depression: According to Comer, of the estimated 35 million people in the
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