Essay about The Truth of Thanksgiving

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The Truth of Thanksgiving

While children are growing up in America, they are told several tales of America’s establishment and history. However, these stories are generally not told as they actually happened. An instance of this is the story of the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is explained as this elaborate ceremony where the Pilgrims and Indians gathered in harmony at this large harvest in celebration of their coming together. According to the primary document of William Bradford’s journal, Thanksgiving didn’t pan out quite as it is explained to Americans today. In the film, The Addams Family Values, the Addams children take part in a traditional, yet misconceived celebration of the first Thanksgiving. This
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The performance chosen was a reenactment of the first Thanksgiving. The “cool kids” were cast as the Pilgrims, while Wednesday and her friends were cast as the Native Americans. Wednesday is actually cast in the lead role of Pocahontas. In the beginning of the dinner performance, the Pilgrims give a speech regarding the Native Americans as savages and explain how they should become Pilgrims. In the end, the Native Americans do not enjoy a pleasant meal with the Pilgrims. Instead, they revolt, burning down the Pilgrims homes and torturing their families.

Many aspects of this film are worthy of analysis. The dual depiction of the Addams family is worthy of noting. The Addams family is portrayed as savages. They are shown as living very differently from the typical American family. They reside in a Gothic like castle, bury their pets alive, eat squirrel, etc. Interestingly, the family is actually from Europe, specifically France. The Addams family takes on a dual role of Native Americans (their savage description) and Europeans (their European background). When they send Wednesday and Pugsley to Camp Chippewa, it is actually considered to be the camp for “American’s privileged children” (Addams’ Family Values). This is a Native American based camp, yet the early Native Americans were not in anyway considered privileged by the Europeans due to their primitive way of living. When all the children take part in the typical “Indian” activities, the
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