The Tuft Of Flowers And Robert Frost's Home Burial

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Discoveries are significant for their capacity to reveal a greater knowledge of ourselves and the surrounding world through reflection and re-evaluation which can often be confronting. It can be described as an inevitable, uncertain process of revelation that is put into motion with pre-existing values and attitudes. However, experiences of discoveries are significant in stimulating new ideas about the nature of human existence and one’s purpose in life. This is evident in Robert Frost’s poem The Tuft of Flowers, where an altered perception of our ever-changing world is revealed through interactions with the physical, natural world. Similarly, unseen text shows that…
Finally, Frost’s Home Burial reveals the limits of communication in creating distance in a relationship, and in doing so, reveals the effects when discovery is inhibited. As a result, discoveries can be both
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Unseen – general statements on unseen text:
- Discovery can be attained by an individual by self-introspection or an investigation of the surrounding world
- Notion of self-discovery highlighted in unseen is manifested through the transformative nature of forgiveness that unseen character experiences
= Although the inevitable process of discovery can be challenging, it ultimately results in renewed perceptions of ourselves and the
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Both Frost’s The Tuft of Flowers and Author’s Unseen reveal the inevitable process of discovery and its implications in creating renewed perceptions of oneself and the world. Contrastingly, Frost’s Home Burial emphasises the consequences of an inability to make a meaningful discovery. Each text demonstrates the multifaceted concept of discovery and in doing so, explores the different ideas concerning human condition and the surrounding

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