The Tuition Hike

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Due to the recent recession, the economy has forced universities to raise tuition prices. All funding for higher education has dropped 14.6 percent since 2008. For most universities net tuition has risen from an average of three thousand four hundred fifteen dollars to four thousand five hundred forty six dollars. That is a 21.1 percent increase from the previous year. (CBS News) The economy is starting to show the impact of how people are going to choose college. In southern states most colleges have seen an increase of over 70 percent. And yet families are putting themselves into debt to pay for these increases even though the unemployment rate is rising. (Claudio Sanchez.) Parents value higher education because now days if you don’t…show more content…
Universities also face local government pressure. They have to obtain all the right permits and paperwork to construct these “upgrades” and often times requires complex negotiations that lead to increased financial payments to compensate for the university tax – exemption status. (Ronald Ehrenberg) Based on the writings of Rebekah Nathan in My Freshman Year: What a Professor Learned by Becoming a Student, “One of the most consistent strategies for making up funding short falls has been tuition increases.” Also stating that a potential determining cause for tuition increases is political forces. Many students are dropping out of four year universities to attend a cheaper community college. “There has also been and increased reliance on tuition for funding and more pragmatic appeals to state legislatures encouraging curriculum and research initicaves that contribute directly to the economic development of the state” to get more money. (My Freshman Year) The increase is affecting students both financially and determining whether they come back to school or not the following year. Joaquin Beltran from the Los Angeles campus of the California State University states that he cannot afford this increase, he is already living paycheck to paycheck. Students who are receiving financial aid though shouldn’t worry. It is those who are not that are going to suffer the most. Some students who did not
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