The Tumultuous Transformations Of The Arab World

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The tumultuous transformations of the Arab World Rami G. Khouri discusses his opinion on the lingering issues of the Middle East in a talk held on October 27th, at 7:00pm in the Koffler building. The room resembled more of an auditorium packed with millennials, senior citizens and age groups in between, all with their full attention on the speaker. Throughout his talk, Khouri explained how the last century has been exceptionally problematic for the Arabians due to zero political development, the Arab Israeli conflict, and the Arabian revolution. Khouri’s main argument is that there is an entirely new situation at hand due to Turkey, Iran, Israel, and Saudi Arabia currently driving the actual developments of the Middle East and the Superpowers unhelpful ways. Rami G. Khouri takes a personal approach on the topic of issues in the Middle East since he was born into a Christian, Arab-Palestinian family and has reported on the Middle East since 1971. George Khouri, his father, is a Nazarene journalist in Palestine and covered the United Nations debates about the future of Palestine in 1947. Khouri decided to follow in his father’s footprints and became a journalist and editor with joint Palestinian-Jordanian and United States citizenship. During the speech I attended, he states that “we end up with a situation in which it becomes easy for Arabs to blame Israel and the Western powers for the problems of our region." He believes that "the truth is in between, with Arab, Israeli
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