The Turbulent Sixties - An essay about the turbulent 1960s decade and black civil rights.

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The 1960s was a wild decade all around the world. It was a time of change, the "baby boom" generation was reaching adulthood, the culture of the time promoted sex, drugs and rock and roll, and civil rights issues were tearing the United States of America apart. Three major civil rights issues nearly tore the nation apart in the 1960s. Desegregation of the public school system had the end result of integrating black and white children into the same school. New Black Nationalism began to demand economic justice and legal equality and they would fight for it at any cost. Those struggles made by African-Americans gave other groups the inspiration to protest for what they thought was right. Affirmative Action which was brought in the 1960s as a…show more content…
He wanted "black pride" and autonomy from the "corrupt white society." Malcolm X sparked off the "Black Pride" movement which achieved national attention throughout the 1960s. These very movements spread to other ethnic groups who were also fighting for their rights throughout the nation. Nation Americans were one ethnic group which followed Malcolm X 's lead. Native American activism was one of militancy and radicalism with the cry, "red
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