The Turn Of The Screw By Henry James

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Today’s culture is like the Victorian Era; children have a role they must play. In many cultures, children are supposed to be respectful to their elders and anyone that has power over them. Henry James wrote “The Turn of the Screw” during the Victorian Era; the Victorians which was known as the age of children. The idea of innocence was place on a child at an early age. Books that were publish in the Era of Victorian that focus on youth of a child. Children are supposed to enjoy life and being joy into it. They were the pictures of innocence but Miles and Flora had painted themselves differently. In Henry James’ “The Turn of the Screw”, the young children are far from innocent, throughout the short story they transform from innocent to corrupt. The sibling creates a living heal for their new governess.
Relationships that formed between people in different social classes were not accepted. Peter Gunit and the former governors, Miss Jessel, relationship was nothing anyone would think kindly about. Miss Jessel and Peter also had a strange relationship with the children that seemed to be more than just role model figures. They are both the ghost that appear at the Bly and seen by the Governess. “Peter Quint and Miss Jessel, now dead, but formerly employed by the Master in this very house, and whose shady intimacy had, it seems, “corrupted” the children” (Felman 95). The only couple interaction the children saw and knew was of Peter Quint and Miss Jessel. “The Turn of the

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