The Turning Essay

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The novels ‘Big World’ and ‘Aquifer’ reveal deep insights into personal discoveries. Tim Winton explores personal discoveries of guilt through the narrators of both short stories. Both stories share similar traits, their main characters reflect on the past to discover their personal guilt. The narrator of Big World plans a road trip to escape from his home town and his failed final high school exams. He embarks on his trip, aware that his mother plans for him to repeat year 12 and begin a brighter future. The narrator discovers his incredible guilt for leaving his mother without considering her plans for him “there is an ache that is still there inside me” a metaphor implicates the emotion of guilt Winton conveys. Similar to Big World,…show more content…
The car won’t take them far but adventure is still entitled just like Winton displays in Aquifer. Big World and Aquifer reflect on past events in a characters life, Winton expresses deep insight into personal discoveries in both his short stories through the simplicity of growing up. Aquifer revolves around the events of the past; in retrospect the narrator discovers that his childhood was simple. The narrator’s sense of time is kept to a minimum during his younger years, “an hour beyond the fence travelled differently over your skin then an hour in front of the television” metaphorically both activities are simple and fun, he doesn’t complain about either, reflecting the simplicity of childhood. As the boy grows older he turns further attention to the time “a minute was longer some days then others” proving responsibility and age matures a person, the simplicity of childhood is lost. The narrator of Big World also discovers personal changes of adult hood, rather than the simplicity of being young. The narrator’s relationship with his best friend Biggie changes as he grows up. Imagining his future, the narrator discovers “biggie is never there with me in the picture” symbolic of a complicated situation, unlike the simplicity when they began their friendship 5 years before. Big World is much like Aquifer, Winton’s stories both
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