The Turnover Rate Of Security Guards At Heraeus Essay

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(Anecdote of trainee told not to come back) (Introduce management and security beef. Explain I am apart of security) (Explain why issue is important) Can the turnover rate of security guards at Heraeus be lowered?
Points of Agreement: The turnover rate at Heraeus can be lowered depending on the areas you are asking about, but even then there are subareas that are points of disagreement. One point of agreement between the security officers and management is the policies and procedures are implemented to keep everyone safe and the speed of production dynamic. Some metals are time sensitive when they are being made. The guards and management believe that all the policies and procedures that are enacted are for a just reason. It can get dangerous in the plant and if there were no procedures, many of the employees would be hurt or worse. Management also wants to protect its metal which is why they implement how to follow the procedures. Security has no problem with management’s procedures and policies and tries to follow them as best as possible. Another point of agreement is that procedures are evolutionary and adaptable. Because management is not active in the procedures, they concede that security knows how to adapt certain procedures to make them quicker and/or safer. If the adaptation happens with more security officers, then management will standardize that adapted procedure. Some of the adaptations that happen come from poorly trained guards, which is

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