The Tuskegee Study, Obedience, And The Stanford Prison Experiment

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As Christians, we tend to believe that everyone has the same worldview as us. We believe that everyone thinks the way we do leading him or her to do the right thing. We assume the best and forget the worst. However, it becomes painstakingly real that is not the case in our world today. We are constantly faced with ethical issues in our profession and everyday life. Although we would like to believe that people always do the right thing that is not the case. This reality hits us in cases like the Tuskegee study, the obedience to authority study, and the Stanford prison experiment. The Tuskegee study is a prime example of why ethical treatment is necessary. This study took place in 1932 and dealt with African Americans who had contracted Syphilis. They were told they would get free medical exams, free meals, and burial insurance in exchange for participating in the study. The catch was that the people participating in the study who had syphilis were not treated properly. Even when penicillin became the main treatment for syphilis, the patients were not given it and were not given the option to leave the study when this happened. Ultimately, the study got shut down because it was considered unethical due to the fact that the patients were not given enough information to give real informed consent. From a Christian perspective, one could easily see that this was wrong. The people involved in the study were not fully informed of what they were getting involved in. In many
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