The Twelfth Day of July

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‘The Twelfth Day of July’ Task: Explain how Kevin and Sadie change by the end of the novel ‘The Twelfth Day of July’ is a book by Joan Lingard. This book is about the discord between the Catholic and Protestant religions. It centres on the characters of Kevin McCoy, who is Catholic, and Sadie Jackson, who is Protestant and how their friendship develops despite the religious bigotry which affects the country they live in. The Twelfth Day of July is a celebration in Northern Ireland, for Protestants which started in the 18th century celebrating the ‘Glorious Revolution’ and the victory of Protestant King Billy over Catholic King James II at the Battle of Boyne in 1690. In the first chapter the book is set in a Protestant street. We are…show more content…
Sadie is infuriated by the events of that day and decides that she is going to go back to Kevin’s house and wreak havoc if she can. She leaves her house in the middle of the night and sneaks into Kevin’s, there she writes on the McCoy’s kitchen table ‘KING BILLY WAS HERE. LONG LIVE KING BILLY’. She thinks she has got away with it when she hears a noise behind her; she turns around only to be confronted by Kevin. She tries to run out the kitchen and throws flour all over the place as a distraction. She succeeded, she got out of the kitchen and hid in a stinky bin, she heard voices outside the bin, Kevin giving orders to his friends to find her. The smell of the bin made her wretch, but she could not leave it just yet, someone kicked the bin and she felt the vibrations through her body. She felt like she was in there for an eternity. Eventually the voices faded and she left the bin but not the area. The next morning her brother goes into her room to wake her only to find her bed empty, he thinks this is strange, he goes down stairs and there is still no sign of Sadie. He decides to go to Kevins house and asked his friends Linda and Steve to go with him, they go in search of Sadie, when they arrive at Kevins house they are told by the McCoy’s that they have not seen her so they go home to speak to his parents by this time he is really worries about his sister. After speaking to his parents they all decide to go back to Kevin’s,
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