The Twelve Colonies Of America

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The Thirteen colonies of America were divided largely into three regional groups, New England Colonies in the northeast, and the Mid Atlantic Colonies in the middle and the Sothern Colonies in the southern region. Mid Atlantic colonies, sometimes called Middle Colonies were located in the states now known as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. The colonists in the Middle colonies like the rest of the colonists in other regional groups were the Protestans who came to the New World mainly for religious freedom and for the education of their children. The first link in the chain of influence in Christian schools in the Middle colony started with the first century Christians in the Roman Empire. The early church parents, both Jewish and pagan, who did not want their children to be educated in pagan Roman schools with no moral instruction clandestinely taught their children about God and his precepts in their house schools. The Christians education was the key to the growth of the early church in the Roman Empire. With conversions of Roman Emperors, the Christianity became the state religion, and the Roman Catholic Empire emerged in the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages, which lasted for a thousand years became known as the Dark Ages because of the cultural, economical and most of all educational deterioration. The Catholic authorities who believed that the Bible and Bible reading were reserved only for those with ecclesiastical duties and the Bible reading by common
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