The Twelve Disciples: Simon Peter's True Characters Revealed

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The twelve disciples were devoted men of great character who were chosen by Jesus to be His close companions and followers while He walked the earth. They are often thought of as an extraordinary group, but what most fail to realize is the fact that the twelve disciples were individual, average men with real families, jobs, and plans for their lives. In their day, they were not known as saints; they were just normal men. If this was the case, why would Jesus, God's only Son, choose to be around these simpletons, uneducated as they were? The reason was that He had an incomprehensible love for them. Even though they couldn't return even a part of it, Jesus kept giving them more. At first, the apostles didn't even know who Jesus was. They couldn't understand why Jesus did the things he did and why he was so compassionate towards those he didn't even know, and sometimes wondered if He was completely sane. Nonetheless, as the disciples continued drawing near to Him, blessings and benefits followed and they were used in ways they never would have imagined. After staying by His side for a short while, Jesus become such a dear, personal, and necessary friend to the disciples (excepting Judas Iscariot) that they didn't even want to think about life without Him. For example, when Peter was told of his Savior's impending death, he boldly rebuked Jesus to even consider such a thing. God had begun to instill a passionate love for others inside His chosen followers. This love is also

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