The Twelve Leaders Of The Hierarchy

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It wasn’t unusual for a Viceroy to request an audience with one of the many assistants to the Twelve Leaders of the Hierarchy on their views concerning planetary rule. However, for the past few months, the Twelve Leaders of the Hierarchy request the attention of all the Planet’s Viceroys to speak with them face to face. All knew why their areas Viceroys left their areas within their charge, and all waited anxiously to hear their words when they returned. The reason for this fear and excitement was simple and most profound. The Twelve Leaders of the Hierarchy had a task like no other. The Twelve Hierarchies had a choice to make soon and the list of Viceroys who had passed the brain scans to insure their conversations were truthful was actually quite a shock. Viceroys were dropping rapidly from the first round and it hadn’t slowed as each weekly round of questioning was given. It was considered a stellar joke to use truthful and politician in the same sentence, but no one was laughing now. The list had become very short and the time for a decision was rapidly approaching. This was the main reason why one viceroy after another sat in the center of the Hierarchy’s Chamber being questioned… thoroughly. Unlike any era in history, constant rotation of rulers chosen by those whom represent the majority was full of pitfalls and caused varying results in governing. The constant opposition for the sake of opposing one group toward another and only working as one when
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