The Twelve Tables Of The Roman Empire

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Ruby Driscoll Hickey Twelve Tables April 26, 2017 The Twelve Tables Though the Twelve Tables are not widely known, they played a large role in establishing the early Roman government. Not only were they the first set of written laws in the Roman empire, the Twelve tables bound the Plebeian and Patrician empires to the the same set of regulations. The Twelve Tables inspired other nations at the time to form an organized system and regions around the world still use the basic fundamentals of the laws. The Twelve Tables were first introduced to the Roman empire in 455 BC. The Plebeian and Patrician empires appointed a council of ten men to form a set of rules that bound their people. The council was called the Decemviri. Together, the…show more content…
The fifth table says that any woman, whether or not maintained majority, should be in the custody of a man at all times. If the father and husband are deceased she will be in custody of her brother until remarried. The sixth table only contains one law which states when a property owner sells his land, the sell is binding and the land cannot be taken back by the original seller, unless repurchased a year after the buyer removes his previous crops. On the same tablet, table seven is found. Table seven states that if a tree from another land falls on your land, you are able to take legal action and cut it down, or harvest the fruit from the side of the tree that is on your property. If the fruit is not on your property, however, the owner of the tree is able to put you in debt until the fruit is returned or paid back for. Table seven also says that the roads should be paved by managers of the city and any unpaved roads are legal to drive on without regulation. Table eight gives rules on injury. If a man hits another free man and brakes his bone, he owes the man 300 coins. If the bone of a slave is broken, he owes them 50 coins. If the injury affects the man for the rest of his life, the price doubles. It also stated that if a man is killed at night while robbing a house, the man who killed him will not be prosecuted. The third law of the table states that any man who purposely destroys the food
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