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The movie Twilight was produced in 2008 by “Summit Entertainment” and was significantly successful in the box office, resulting in the “Twilight Saga” to begin on film: in fall 2009 New Moon was released and Eclipse is set to air this summer. The “Twilight Saga” is directed towards many people, mainly the hearts of young teenagers because it allows for them to believe that there is someone for everyone. Stephen Marche suggests the Twilight is a film about love between a homosexual male and a heterosexual girl who has wants to have sex with a beautiful homosexual. Marche goes as far to say that the “Twilight Saga” “is the equivalent of lesbian porn”. In addition, the “Twilight Saga” demonstrates the idea that everyone has their own …show more content…
Oddly enough Bella and Edward’s skin tones are both significantly white and they are both drawn in by this whiteness. When Bella is new at the school many of the boys are interested in her but she only shows interest in Edward when he walks through the doors (“Who is that?” ). In addition, Edward has been at the school for a bit but has shown no interest in anyone (“no one here is good enough for him” ). However, when Edward sees Bella he falls in love automatically. Like many heroes, Edward is what one considers very masculine; he is both fast and strong. Bella was about to be hit by a vehicle but Edward “got to [her] so fast, he was nowhere near [her]...he stopped the van from crushing [her]” and left a large dent. Moreover, Edward is rich, worldly, generous, intelligent (he has been around for centuries), he is a saviour, he is significantly protective of Bella (“I feel very protective of you” ), and he is sensitive towards Bella, he is the dream man/boy who many people fantasize over. On the other hand, because Edward possesses all these characteristics, the heroine must lack these qualities and as a result Bella is small, clumsy, delicate, vulnerable, soft, fragile (Edward could lose control and kill her by accident ), desperate, uncoordinated (slips on ice ), less smart (“if you were smart you’d stay away from me... what if I’m the bad guy?” ) “In the end a good-looking boyfriend remains
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