The Twin Towers : The World Trade Center Memorial And Museum

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The Twin Towers: The World Trade Center memorial and museum was designed by architects Michael Arad and Peter Walker. The memorial and museum was dedicated to the victims of both the bombing of February 26, 1993 and the September 11, 2001 Al-Qaeda terrorist attack. The names of all the individuals that were affected by these events are engraved on bronze panels surrounding two reflecting pools where the Twin Towers once stood. Each of the pools that represent each tower is one acre a piece. One unique component to the memorial and museum site was the creation of North America’s largest manmade waterfall. The site sits on eight-acres in the footprints of the original Twin Towers in New York. The memorial and museum comprise of four hundred white oak trees, artifacts, areas of both reflection and sanctuary, and interactive exhibitions. My personal design of The World Trade center would consist of a large a large space needle. The height would be approximately 682.5 feet tall. I came up with this number by adding the average height of the twin towers and dividing it in half. This would make it the largest space needle in the United States. The top of my space needle would be in the shape of a large globe. I elected to use this design because it would symbolize the diverse group of individuals that were affected from the attacks. At the top of the space needle inside of my large globe it would display all the names of the victims along the walls. I would use the
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