The Two Concepts Of Civil Disobedience

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The concept of Civil Disobedience and peaceful disobedience i believe are two very different concepts. They should be interpreted in two different ways. Civil Disobedience is considered unlawful, and unjustified. If someone strongly disagrees with a law, i find it justified to silently continue with their life, I only justify this because they do not cause problems. There is a difference between keeping a gun locked away to protect your family if needed, and leaving a gun on your nightstand every night while telling all of your friends and family that you don't care what the government says. I find these two very different concepts just because one person is doing it for protection and for human rights. While the other is doing it in spite…show more content…
. . Let every man remember that to violate the law is to trample on the blood of his father, and to tear the charter of his own and his children’s liberty…”. When Lincoln said this I don't believe that he understood how much the world would change in the future. Our liberty in itself has changed, and we do not have the same rights that we were given back then. If the question was for Lincoln he would have said that Civil Disobedience would ultimately negatively impact the society. I feel that the generations today see the constitution in a different light, and the way we view government is impaired by the unjust fullness of our current economy. We all have the right to live our own lives, I feel that the government is not knocking on our door every morning making sure we aren't breaking the law. So what is the harm in owning a locked up gun for emergencies? Or if you allow your 19 year old child to drink at home, supervised. These things are peaceful, and we all know that there are some who don't do it peacefully. We still support the laws of the land, and we uphold the laws that keep everyone safe. Depending on the way you view Civil disobedience we can agree or disagree. Others feel that to not uphold all laws is to ultimately negatively affect our
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