The Two Cultures I Am Going To Compare Are The Usa And

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The two cultures I am going to compare are the USA and Japan; I have chosen these two cultures because they differ from one another very much. The multinational corporation I am going to use in relation to the comparison is McDonalds as it is one of the most popular fast food brands in the world. Some of their main difference include: • Menu o In the Japanese McDonalds is the Ebi filet-o-shrimp burger is one of their most popular products on their menu it is a burger-shaped panko-encrusted patty filled with real, whole shrimp, topped with Ebi shrimp tempura sauce, onions, olives, and actual fresh lettuce. There is also their normal fish menu at McDonalds (probably a rarer preference in the US than it is in Japan); there is the option for…show more content…
If an item in your order is going to take longer than the others, they will bring you the bulk of your order and let you know that the rest is arriving shortly. o In the USA the staff at McDonald’s have a stereotype that they don’t really have a strong work ethical and don’t really care that much about the customer and are sometimes rude and unprofessional. The McDonald’s staff in the UAS are typically slow and sluggish not showing any enthusiasm in their job, there are many reports of people who have gotten the wrong order from McDonald’s completely or just not what they ordered, this shows that the works do not pay attention to what they are doing. McDonald’s premises in the USA are usually messy or dirty like their bathrooms being dirty or tables not being whipped down, over all the appearance of the store such as the building needing renovating the car parks being filled with rubbish etc. • Environment o In japan there is a cultural difference from the USA for when people go out to eat from the fact that the Japanese are not that outgoing, lively and loud people that Americans are. As a consequence, Japanese McDonald 's (like Japanese trains, subways, and buses) are relatively quiet places to be, majority of people sit quite reading or on their mobile phones or have a quite conversation with each other. Being loud or rowdy is looked upon as
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